I am dismayed that Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Colwell is bemoaning the fact Cooke Aquaculture is being unclear about recent fish kill and escapes in SouthWest Nova Scotia.

Chances are nobody knows cage populations at the time of the incident.

I was a member of the Doelle-Lahey aquaculture reform panel. As a result of copious community meetings, and long panel discussions a very in-depth report was submitted to the McNeil Govt.

Few of the items have been adopted. Disclosure by aquaculture companies was fully addressed in the report.

Old school bureaucrats with pro open pen aquaculture sentiments still abound at NSDFA.

Mr Colwell promised more enforcement and veterinary personnel. Where are they? Where is the promised patrol vessel? Surely it would be much easier to conduct open fish pen inspections if one owned a boat.

Looks like NSDFA still has some of its puppet strings pulled by large salmon aquaculture companies.

Mr. Colwell its sink or swim time, an election is looming.

Don’t expect Cooke Aquaculture to throw you a life ring. Your life ring was the Doelle Lahey report.

How long do you really believe you can tread water?

Bill Williams

Sheet Harbour, NS