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An ad-hoc group of Nova Scotia residents calling themselves Citizens for Sustainable Aquaculture Now! (CSAN) has issued a revocation notice for any “social license” held by the government of Nova Scotia to install industrial salmon farms in bays and harbours surrounding rural communities in the Province. DOWNLOAD NOTICE HERE

CSAN says the “social license” was extended provisionally, based upon assurances by Premier Stephen McNeil and Aquaculture minister Keith Colwell that government would honour the provisions of the Doelle-Lahey report which required, among other things, that government and its agents act in good faith regarding the imposition of industrial feedlot salmon aquaculture in the province.



Doelle-Lahey would require government to make science-based decisions, create independent panels and committees, take a cautious, low-impact, high-value approach to salmon farm siting, seriously consider community desires regarding salmon farms thrust into their midst(social license) and operate with transparency in dealing with citizens

Reasons stated on the “revocation notice” include:

  • 2014 legislation introduced revising aquaculture regulations which cherry-picked only certain provisions of doelle-lahey
  • legislative hearings were manipulated to avoid testimony from citizens from rural communities
  • government amended freedom of information legislation to exclude information about fish health in aquaculture operations
  • scientific evidence was ignored in salmon farm sitings
  • recent survey results showing widespread opposition to the industrial feedlot farm in Shelburne, but government has signaled likely approval of a 50-acre industrial salmon farm in the most shallow portion of the harbour
  • the new 50-acre salmon farm is being mislabeled an “amendment” to a previous site nearby in order to avoid a mandated public hearing.
  • government actions – including serious breaches of required transparency and other violations – show a betrayal of the public trust

The notice states that, “…without that [public] trust, there can be no social license.