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Citizens for Sustainable Aquaculture Now has proposed the eviction of billion-dollar, New Brunswick-based multi-national Cooke Aquaculture from the waters surrounding Nova Scotia.

a pdf of the Eviction Notice can be downloaded

The move mirrors that of The Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw, whose traditional BC lands includes much of the Broughton Archipelago, and who recently served eviction orders to remove salmon farm operations from unceded territories in coastal British Columbia.

On Aug. 15, three Dzawada’enuxw traditional leaders served an eviction notice to a Cermaq/Mitsubishi salmon farm on the Burdwood Islands and conducted “cleansing ceremonies” at other farms. A tribal elder explained that fish farms have been clouded by a lot of “negativity” and environmental impacts, and her people wanted to do something positive.

The Nova Scotia eviction cited several instances of evidence supporting the demand, including:

  • No social license sought
  • No regard for citizen objections
  • Breaching agreement to provide 400+ jobs required as part of $25 million government loan package
  • Failure to pay any taxes in nova scotia on millions of dollars of yearly net income
  • Creating numerous dead zones in Nova Scotia harbours
  • Regularly exceeding existing lease boundaries
  • Creating divisive social conditions  
  • Exhibiting criminal behavour
  • Employing harmful aquatic husbandry methods
  • Reaping millions of dollars in government subsidies for diseased or dead fish