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A recently released scientific paper claiming that a sequence of infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) virus is present in British Columbia, Canada, will not prompt any changes to the already-vigorous ISA testing program, according to the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture’s chief fish pathologist Gary Marty.

The report, published by six co-authors including independent biologist Alexandra Morton (pictured) in Virology Journal, provides the first published evidence of the ISA variant.

According to Morton, the variant described in the journal, although probably not pathogenic itself, will likely mutate and become a serious threat to the salmon population, and requires swift preventative action.

“This paper is an opportunity to do something before it mutates,” she told Undercurrent.

According to Marty, however, the paper doesn’t provide enough information “for [B.C.’s chief fish pathologist] to take any action, these are really preliminary results, they’re unconfirmed, there’s no evidence of disease”.

– See more at: http://aquatic.animalhealth.org/article/alleged-findings-isa-bc-salmon-will-not-spur-testing-changes#sthash.Vv11H2d3.dpuf