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Fish remains and bloody water is pumped into Shelburne Harbour

We shot this video at theMcNutt’s Island Cooke Aquaculture salmon feedlot site near Shelburne on March 5, 2015.


While there are pumping boats taking the fish that are still intact to the wharf and putting their remains into trucks for disposal, (and where exactly does that go and what exactly does that include?), the broken down carcasses are being spewed into the harbour.

It is going to take this company many weeks if not months to continue to clean up the three sites that have experienced “super chill” mortalities with two boats running back and forth from site to wharf, and while that goes on more and more breakdown of the fish is happening and more and more debris will be spewed into the harbour, come to shore and create a stinking lardy mess.

Is it any wonder this company refuses to leave the ocean to grow their fish?

There are currently no regulations preventing them from using the ocean as a dump in this way and consider the cost to them if they actually had 24 hours to get rid of the dead. They’d need a boat at every cage and garbage trucks lined up from Shelburne to Yarmouth.

Imagine the job opportunities a 24-hour clean up regulation could create for this community! Governments so concerned about jobs, jobs, jobs, can’t see them when laid out in front of them.

Kathaleen Milan
Ronald Neufeld,
West Sable Rd., Sable River, N. S.