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Pesticides and chemicals may be allowed

On Tuesday, Feb 17th at 10am, a number of organizations and groups will be gathering at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic to hold a press conference discussing proposed changes to the Fisheries Act that would allow aquaculture operations to release powerful pesticides and other potentially damaging chemicals in to Canada’s aquatic environments, and take the enforcement of these regulations out of the hands of Environment Canada, placing it instead in the hands of Health Canada which has no mandate to protect the environment.


Tuesday, February 17th at 10 AM AST


The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Small Craft Gallery


NS Business leaders, commercial and recreational fishing associations, scientists, lawyers and environmentalists are calling on Prime Minister Harper to halt the implementation of the proposed Aquaculture Activities Regulations.


The following individuals, representing the 120 signatories to the open letter will speak:

Stewart Lamont, Managing Director, Tangier Lobster

Maria Recchia, Executive Director, Fundy North Fishing Association

Dr. Bill Ernst, retired, Environment Canada toxicologist

Dr. Susanna Fuller, Marine Conservation Coordinator, Ecology Action Centre

Twitter: #keepitclean

For more information and details see https://www.ecologyaction.ca/AARrally

Call 902-483-5033 email: marine@ecologyaction.ca

We will also be live tweeting from the event starting at 10AM. You can follow @EcologyAction and join in the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #keepitclean.