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The Associations for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore (APES) in Nova Scotia has launched an advertising campaign designed to put pressure on the premier of the province, Darrell Dexter. The campaign began with small billboard on the sides of buses throughout Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Using their web site (www.nsapes.ca), APES is encouraging citizens to lobby against open pen, farmed salmon “feed lots”, citing several reasons “Why Premier Dexter Should Halt Open Pen Fish Farming in Nova Scotia”, including:

1. Open pen salmon isn’t good for you.
2. Open pen salmon costs taxpayers millions of dollars in subsidies and “crop failure” payments while threatening or destroying other, more sustainable existing industries.
3. Open pen fish farms pollute our coastal waters and beaches with tons of untreated waste.
4. Open pen fish farms aren’t good for lobsters, sea birds and other sea life.
5. Open pen salmon farms deplete wild fish populations and destroy viable direct food sources.
6. Open pen salmon farms easily become intensive breeding grounds for ISA and other serious diseases.
7. Open pen salmon farms are economically unsustainable.
8. Open pen salmon threaten the health and genetic vigour of wild salmon.
9. Open pen fish farm licenses are granted in undemocratic ways, and privilege large national and international companies over citizens’ rights.
10. Land-based closed-containment salmon farms are the way of the future.