The processes that made our earth have been around since the beginning. They have been refined over millions of years and they work beautifully, cleanly and naturally.

They keep genetic mutations at bay because any living thing that does not survive naturally to reproduce, or is a bit less adapted to its environment will die, or get eaten.

They keep disease at bay for much the same reason, plus the fact that wild beings are mostly free to move and escape locations that are bad for them.

The natural world is unbelievably interconnected and is designed to function as a whole, with a great deal of built in flexibility. It is a proven design that works, a design that is basic to all living creatures.

Salmon farms are unnatural. They are the crowded feedlots of the sea, hiding their filth, disease and waste in the generous tides. But you cannot keep pouring disease and pollution into the sea for decades without affecting the balance that protects all surrounding sea life.

When aquaculture industry PR types complain that feedlot salmon have caught disease from wild fish, she is either ignorant of these processes or intentionally blind to them. The dollar signs in her eyes get in the way.

This kind of arrogant spin is contemptuous of the environment and of the ecology of the sea. The wild living world has no man made peer, and it never will. What is more, we are part of that world, regardless of how much we try to deny it, escape it, circumvent it. We are subject to it’s ancient laws. Sooner or later we will come hard up against them.

Humans have erected elaborate defenses against the natural world and we forget that we, despite this mindset, are no less a part of this earth. How long will it take us to realize that it is far better, far more productive to work with the natural world, than to deny it? Profit margin is not something upon which you can base life, any life.
Joyce Morrell, Campobello, NB