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by Tom Sherman Plus 1 week 4 hours ago

ISA stands for Infectious Salmon Anemia, a virus that’s common in farmed Atlantic salmon. ISA is the ‘fish flu.’ It’s an influenza like the ‘swine flu’ (H1N1) or the ‘bird flu’ (H5N1). I’m not eating any fish that have the fish flu. You can’t trust fish that have been farmed in the oceans. It’s not just farmed salmon. Rainbow trout are also full of ISA. Rainbow trout raised in seawater are steelhead salmon. Rainbows and steelheads are the same species. Some call them salmon trout. Whatever you call them, they are full of ISA. The fish flu doesn’t kill steelhead trout, but they are carriers and living reservoirs for the virus. I’m not eating any fish that have the fish flu.

This viral work builds on my work with Bernhard Loibner a few years back. We made many pieces based on research and thinking about the bird flu (H5N1). Here is a database of this previous viral work: kunstradio.at/2006A/H5N1en.html

Tom Sherman

Tom Sherman