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Representatives of Mayday-Shelburne county issued a statement on January 9 highlighting the recent David Suzuki Foundation critique of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for proposed Cooke Aquaculture sites in Jordan Bay and Middle Head, Nova Scotia.

“There is no information in the EIA about the potential impacts of excess nutrient input, pesticides, fish feces and food waste, chemical anti-foulants, sea lice and viruses on non-target species such as lobster and lobster larvae, upon which our local economy depends,” says Mayday spokesperson Sindy Horncastle.

Due to the many deficiencies in the environmental assessment, The David Suzuki Foundation is recommending that the salmon farm proposals for the Jordan Bay and Middle Head areas be rejected.

“Our community has presented this, and other overwhelming evidence, to the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture (NSDFA) showing that Jordan Bay and Middle Head are inappropriate areas for industrial salmon feedlots,” added Mayday’s Marilyn Moore.

The community of St. Mary’s Bay, N.S. and marine scientists and marine habitat protection groups presented similar evidence to the NSDFA which appeared not to be considered in the EIA process

“Fishermen there are now reporting dead salmon and damaged nets of an industrial feedlot site close to failure,” added Horncastle. “The "promise" of jobs remains an empty promise. The people and coastline of Nova Scotia deserve better.”

READ SUZUKI FOUNDATION LETTER HERE: http://www.saveourcoastalfishery.com/docs/suzuki-jordan.pdf