Salmon angler Ray Plourde from Nova Scotia reports that wild Atlantic salmon caught and released on Northumberland Strait rivers in Nova Scotia this October were infested with abnormally large numbers of sea lice.

“You can see the damage they do to the fish with lesions, fresh scars, etc.,” says Plourde. “A number of other anglers I spoke with said they saw the same thing in different rivers along the strait – salmon with huge numbers of sea lice and open sores.”

The anglers agreed they had never seen adult fish with so many sea lice. “It was way above normal,” adds Plourde. “My theory is they swam through big aquaculture-induced sea lice blooms – or larvae clouds – off the South Coast of Newfoundland, where the industry is rapidly expanding.”

Plourde admits he cannot prove that thesis, but also cannot think of any other explanation.