Re: B.C. wild-salmon advocates worried about European virus strain, by Judith Lavoie, Postmedia News, Nov. 1.

B.C. should close the border to imports of Atlantic salmon eggs and close salmon feedlots immediately.

A second positive test of ISA in coho in the Fraser River, 600 kilometres away from the first case, shows this deadly disease is spreading from Atlantic salmon farms to wild Pacific salmon.

That the B.C. salmon farmers admit that they are "anxiously waiting for the results" should be enough to ring the alarm bells. But the science is already in and the positive results are from a reference laboratory certified by the World Organization for Animal Health.

That the virus has been identified as the European strain places salmon farms squarely in the firing line – over 90 per cent of B.C.’s salmon farming production is Atlantic salmon.

Norwegian companies – who control over 90 per cent of B.C.’s salmon farms – should take their disease-ridden feedlots back home to Norway and foul their own nest if they must.

Salmon feedlots are a cancer on our coasts and need to be ripped out – now.

The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture: http://www.gaaia.org http://www.gaaia.org

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