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EDITORIAL: The “black cloud” described by Cooke Aquaculture flack Nell Halse as hanging over the head of Cooke and its family of owners has broken in a deluge of media interest as the 33 charges by Environment Canada against Kelly Cove Salmon, Glenn Cook and other executives came to light early Wednesday.

During the two-year investigation of the killing of hundreds of lobsters by the illegal use of the noxious pesticide cypermethrin near Cook Aquaculture sites in Passamaquoddy Bay, Deer Island and Grand Mannan Island, and after raids on Cooke offices by the pistol-packing gendarmes of Environment Canada’s Enforcement Division, Halse never denied that Cooke was the culprit, but continued to mouth platitudes about Cooke’s “best practices” and  concern for the environment. Wednesday, Halse was whining to media outlets that she was concerned that the court of public opinion has already passed judgment on the company, while describing Cooke as “custodians of the marine environment" and “good neighbours." 

Message to Nell Halse: Good neighbours don’t poison other neighbours’ lobster stocks.


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