Despite widespread protests in almost every location in which new salmon farm leases are sought, despite the government’s refusal to supply scientific information supporting open net aquaculture requested by citizens groups, Fisheries critic and official opposition, Nova Scotia Fisheries & Aquaculture Minister Sterling Belliveau** said in a July 28 news release that “”This is a government that listens to Nova Scotians.”

Who Belliveau and staff really seem to be listening to is a large, multi-national corporation from New Brunswick who pays zero taxes on tens of millions of dollars of salmon harvested from the formerly pristine bays and harbours throughout the province.

** Some may recall that Belliveau was the brainiac who just 12 hours prior to the horrific Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, when challenged by fellow legislators on the science surrounding dangers to fish habitat from oil and gas drilling, “Why, modern technology is so good that a rig blowout is virtually impossible!”  Advice… don’t buy a bridge from this man.