NOTE: a reader below suggests the editor is “stupid or a liar” for suggesting that there was a blockade at the Shelburne Community Aquaculture Dialogue. By the photo here, looks to us like a blockade.

Blockade at Aquaculture meeting


Shelburne mayor Alan Delaney led a blockade at Shelburne Regional High School Monday night, protesting the community meeting on aquaculture issues being held inside and organized by the Ecology Action Centreand a group of local citizens. Dozens of sign-bearing locals led by Delaney greeted the 100-plus who attended the “community dialogue” about aquaculture science and sustainable job creation.

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Delaney made a point of photographing all of the attendees as they entered the school, telling some that “as the mayor, it’s my right to ensure the safety of public buildings”. The high school is located in the Municipality of Shelburne.
Inside the meeting, noted marine biologist Inka Milewski and sustainable seafood expert Rob Johnson presented their views on both the current science surrounding ecological consequences of large-scale, open-net salmon farming and the emerging trends in the U.S. and international seafood markets which might affect the viability of the increased Canadian market dependence on open-net salmon.
Because of the widespread current interest in the issues associated with development of industrial-scale aquaculture in coastal communities, the meeting attracted the attention of CBC, CKBW, The Coast Guard, The Chronicle Herald and other provincial media.
The EAC announced that the meeting would likely be the first in a similar series of “dialogues” in communities throughout Nova Scotia. A video of the evening will be made available to community groups in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.  >>> hear CBC report here