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June 20, 2011 – 3:16 pm

In Canada, aquaculture and fish farms are big business. More than 85 percent of our production is exported. Just to give an idea of the scale of our operations, Canada accounts for 8.2% of global farmed salmon production and Canada’s total shellfish production in 2006 was 38,676 tons with a value of $71 million.image

Even so, world demand for food keeps going up – and Israel, a tiny country in a dry region, has come up with a way to grow our supply without constant access to seawater.

“Our technology is totally independent from the sea,” says Grow Fish Anywhere representative Dr. Yossi Tal. “We can grow fish anywhere, in the desert, with no connection to a water source or to the marine environment. We are establishing our own unique ecology in our system to sustain the fish without any pollution. And we’re doing so by utilizing bacteria that can recycle the water and clean them up each time they go through the fish.”

It’s a groundbreaking technology for aquaculture, entirely developed in Israel.  SEE VIDEO