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Aquatic ecology scientist Guy Melville told the hosts of CBC Information Morning (Halifax, NS) that his research shows that open net, industrial scale salmon aquaculture has caused appreciable damage to the ecosystem in the marine environment surrounding the “feedlot” style salmon cages in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Using the data supplied by the Canadian and Nova Scotia government and by fish farm operator Cooke Aquaculture, Melville says that the deleterious effects are serious and widespread.

Melville told interviewer Jerry West that some of the data indicates that there are case of sites being “wildly” polluted and that it is likely that the damage would go well beyond the lease area itself. There was very reliable data and analyses from the Shelburne Harbour sites operated by Cooke which showed pollution far exceeded federal guidelines and which was presented to local municipal councils and forwarded to federal and provincial officials, said Melville.  Melville portrayed the governmental response to the data as wholly inadequate.

West told Melville that Shelburne mayor Alan Delaney told CBC reporters that he had “never seen any information about pollution” caused by Cooke’s fish farms in his harbour. Delaney chaired the meeting during which his council was presented with dozens of pages of data, charts, maps and analyses of the ecological damage to Shelburne Harbour.     LISTEN TO INTERVIEW HERE