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logoJune 24, 2011

Hon Sterling Belliveau
Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture

Mr Belliveau,

High winds offshore prevented the transportation of salmon smolts from the Port Medway dock to the Cooke farm site off Coffin Island. To clarify the trucks were advised to “not leave” or “stay somewhere on route” until the seas calm. Therefore no stoppage of the trucks was necessary at the docks in Port Medway.

In addition, to the danger of spillage at the docks, another issue has surfaced in which we ask you, as Environment Minister, to investigate. We know that the smolts are from Saint John River stock, however, we have no idea which nursery/hatchery are raising the stock for delivery to Cooke. Therefore, we are concerned as to what pollutants/impurities may be contained in the water carrying the smolts. We request that the water be tested before any off-loading is performed regardless of port of transfer.

Mr. Belliveau it is obvious that you, Inland Fisheries and DFO are not interested in protecting Wild Atlantic Salmon, in that, Cooke was at the Port Medway dock today waiting arrival of the trucks. Yesterday’s request was not acted upon by fisheries and it seems you are willing to gamble on the health of  “endangered” Wild Atlantic Salmon. It seems that only the financial health of Cooke is important…this is shameful. We as citizens of Nova Scotia expect better of our elected officials.

Once again I am asking you, Inland Fisheries, Environment, DFO and the Federal Government to stop the transportation of “foreign” fish from New Brunswick to the Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia. The risks to Wild Atlantic Salmon are too great. Have Cooke Aquaculture build self contained cages on land and protect the environment, as well as, wild stocks.

Darrell Tingley

President, MRSA

PS We will be back to the docks tomorrow am…trusting you will take your responsibilities seriously and the transfer will not take place in Port Medway