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From the Times-Transcript:

The Atlantic Salmon Federation has hired respected economic consultants Gardner Pinfold to carry out the most comprehensive study of the economic benefits to the eastern Canadian region of wild Atlantic salmon that has ever been put forward.

You can expect the results to be made public in September. ASF has long-term plans to share the study’s findings with the general public, anglers, First Nations, community leaders, elected officials and politicians, government officials, legislative committees, fisheries critics, and internationally through the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization.

"ASF expects the study to provide valuable information on the true worth of the species now and when restored, information that should help strengthen government policy and actions to conserve wild Atlantic salmon," says ASF president Bill Taylor.

The study is a past, present and future analysis, the scope of which will include the worth of wild Atlantic salmon to recreational fishing as well as to First Nations, tourism, conservation and education, and other non-use values of the species.

It’s a case of fighting fire with fire, you might say. The Atlantic Salmon Federation notes that funding for wild salmon keeps going down, while the priority of governments seems to tend towards aquaculture salmon, at least partly because the aquaculture industry has clearly studied the economic value of its industry which is widely seen by those who cherish wild and natural fish as a detriment to wild Atlantic salmon.  FULL STORY