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The Nova Scotia government has given aquaculture licences to Cooke Aquaculture for two sites in St. Mary’s Bay. I fish for lobster in this highly productive area. Two major reasons why we can’t have these sites are the pollution from the fish feces and the pesticides used to kill the sea lice. St. Mary’s Bay has always been a breeding ground for lobsters. The use of pesticides is known to kill lobster larvae. Why would you bring this into this small bay and endanger a breeding ground and pollute our lobster?

I lobster to support my family of five. I employ two other people full-time with jobs that pay well. In the area which will be affected by the pens, there are 180 lobster boats all employing and supporting similar numbers of people. Our jobs are in danger. And the jobs Cooke is providing will be few and low-paying. The solution is to put these salmon pens on land or to insist that they catch all their pollutants and feces. This is being done successfully in other places in the world. The public supports this kind of responsible fish farming. The initial cost is more, but is it not worth it to save our lobster industry and way of life?

Sheldon Dixon, Tiverton