In a June 2 article, By Peter Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, David Suzuki Foundation, responds to claims that the DSK removed items from the foundation’s web…

The question, "Why did the David Suzuki Foundation remove Web pages on the dangers of farmed salmon?" is not a new one to Robinson because he had been dealing for months with former farming industry executive Vivian Krause, who made the claims in an article in the Financial Post.

The accusations that the David Suzuki Foundation intentionally removed pages from its website that related to salmon farming appeared in the May 31 article but were originally levelled in a series of emails sent to Robinson by Vivian Krause, a former salmon-farming industry executive. Following a long history of communication with Ms. Krause, the Foundation decided last year to stop dedicating resources to responding due to an irreconcilable disagreement over her views of fish farming and its environmental impacts.  >>> see full story here