The Ecology Action Centre is Atlantic Canada’s oldest and largest environmental organization with 1200 members and representing thousands of Nova Scotians. They have been involved in fisheries and aquaculture policy
provincially, nationally, and internationally for more than 15 years.  In a submission to the screening report submitted for the large open net fish farm proposed for St. Mary’s bay, they write that they are “extremely concerned with the regulatory process for new net pen finfish aquaculture sites and expansion in Nova Scotia.”  They add that they “support the development of sustainable aquaculture in Nova Scotia, including shellfish, seaweed, and closed containment finfish aquaculture.” (download submission here)

Other groups filing submission objecting to or commenting on the screening report include:

Some of the elements of the EAC submission include:

  • DFO advice ‘seriously flawed"

  • woefully insufficient screening tool

  • very high level of sea lice in aquaculture industry

  • need for a comprehensive Strategic Environmental Assessment

  • chemical baths now commonplace due to resistance to in-feed treatments "Slice"

  • inevitable sea lice outbreaks

  • DFO alarm that “Nutrients in some freshwater and marine systems are increasing. Nutrients coupled with other factors, such as increases in water temperature and alien invasive species, are leading to depleted oxygen levels, algal blooms, and in some cases “dead zones”

  • insufficient scientific data for St Mary’s Bay

  • transparency lacking for disposal of morts and waste

  • inaccurate determination of salmon migration effects

  • Due process reached only through meaningful, engaging and responsive, province-wide public consultation

  • (download submission here)