Along with four other farmed salmon certifications reviewed, the “Seafood Trust Eco-Salmon” labeling used by Cooke Aquaculture on several brands of their salmon product got poor grades in a recent report published by the Living Oceans Society and the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform (CAAR); Better than the Rest? A Resource Guide to Farmed Salmon Certifications. All five eco-certifications fail to fully meet the requirements of credible standards. Cooke sells ‘Seafood Trust Eco-Certified’ salmon under the following brands: Heritage Salmon, True North Salmon and Jail Island Salmon.

Among the weaknesses cited in the report for Cooke’s labeling were; lack of transparency, poor criteria standards, weak environmental standards,  an unbalanced and exclusive process, unclear reliance on science, no process for improving standards and potential conflict of interest.   Read the full report here: