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In a May 2011 “District 6 – Newsletter” Shelburne, Nova  Scotia municipal councilor Roger Taylor took a nasty swipe at citizens in his own district – and others – who have been challenging some of the assertions made by Cooke Aquaculturein the plans for a major factory fish farm development in the Shelburne Area.

Mayday! Shelburne County - Citizens for Responsible Aquaculture

Councilor Roger Taylor accuses citizens of lying about aquaculture

Taylor says that citizens are “intentionally providing deceptive and misleading information”  and are asking questions “which imply things are a certain way”. despite the hundreds of hours some citizens have spent trying to get relevant information from Cooke, the Nova Scotia government, the Town of Shelburne and others,  Taylor says that these citizens don;t want answers which do not “suit their agenda”. Taylor goes on to warn his  constituents not to “be fooled by false information!” The councilor also touted Cooke as “open” and a “good corporate citizen”

What Taylor’s invidious screed fails to mention is that, in a recent Coast Guard newspaper story about the arrival of an aquaculture well-boat in Shelburne Harbour, Cooke PR chief Nell Halse said that the boat was not there to treat salmon with pesticides, but to move the fish withing the harbour, due to requests from the Port Authority the Yacht Club and the “community”

Problem is that none of the above requests exist, and as a sitting member of the Port Authority, Taylor should know.  We all know that if we got caught in a bald face fib like Halse, we’d of had trip to the woodshed. Guess one person’s good citizen is another’s liar.

Note: Taylor was one of several local politicians who were treated to an all-expense paid trip on a private plane to Cooke facilities in New Brunswick just prior to publicly supporting the firm’s ambitions plans to stock the waters surrounding his riding with millions of farmed salmon

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